Top 5 Exercise Excuses

Excuse 1: I’m too tired

Energy creates energy! Go for a fast walk or run and tell me you don’t feel more energetic when you finish than you did before you started. The motion of exercise be it running, walking, playing tennis, taking the stairs or even vigorous housework raises the heart rate and this in turn gets the blood pumping around the body even faster. This is a good thing. It kickstarts stagnant circulation, efficiently delivers oxygen and nutrients, and awakes a sluggish metabolism. These are the real reasons you’re tired! Poor health, lack of sleep, inactivity and dehydration are what make you tired. The body was designed to move. You may not always feel like exercising, but focus on how you will feel afterwards.

Excuse 2: I don’t have the time

I have heard this excuse almost every single day over  the years I have been working in the health and fitness industry! There is ALWAYS time. In a whole week, if you have time to read the paper, time to have a several coffees, time to watch tv or chat on the phone, you can allocate the same time to do your exercise or cook a healthy meal. Many work places these days offer lunchtime classes or go for a walk around the block in your lunch break. Take the stairs, park further away so you can walk a little longer to your destination, do ten push ups a day. It all counts. You HAVE heard all these suggestions before, so why aren’t you doing them? Not enough time? No such thing!

Excuse 3: My body hurts after exercise

You may feel a little sore after the first few days of exercise. An inactive body doesn’t suddenly adjust to vigorous exercise. Start slowly and work within your own fitness level. Slow down if you feel your heart rate has climbed too high or you can’t handle the pace and catch back up in your own good time. Never feel pressure to keep up with the rest of the class if you’re participating in a group exercise class. Alway work out at your own pace to ensure you don’t damage any muscle fibres. You will start to see results much faster if you have a sensible approach to exercise.

Excuse 4: I’m too embarrassed

Worrying about what other people think will not help you in achieving your health and fitness goals. Staying away from exercise won’t help you reduce body fat stores, increase strength and endurance or tone up. Other people’s opinions will also not lower your cholesterol and hypertension therefore potentially adding to your quality of life. I have worked in the fitness industry for many years and have often heard this comment. What you need to realise is that people are way too busy looking at themselves to actually notice you! You don’t have to go near a gym to exercise. Just walking, skipping, doing push ups or exercising at home is enough to get your fitness momentum going. So don’t sweat the small stuff, save it for the workout!

Excuse 5: Any excuse concerning the weather

I live in Melbourne and I know all about weather! Melbourne, Australia is famed for having four seasons in one day. You can guarantee that there’ll be times you have planned to exercise and it’s too hot, too windy, too cold or far too wet. That’s why you need an alternative for bad weather days. Go for a swim if it’s too hot, the gym if it’s wet or try some exercises at home. Lunges and abdominal exercises will work around 70% of your muscles. Push ups are another efficient exercise which works almost your entire body.

If you want to learn how to do push ups correctly and at the same time, build up your strength, tone your body and discover your core stability, is a great resource from beginner to advanced.

Go out and GET the results you want, don’t just wish for it to happen!

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